Seedling Smart tree farm system

Seedling is sapling optimized total solution service which created to solve the problems in the sapling nursery industry.

Afterain aims to make the world greener and against climate change through seedlings.

Seedling Application

The demand for trees is increasing due to the rise of wildfires and urban development initiatives such as smart green city development. However, climate change makes problem on farming schedules and the emergence of new diseases and pests, resulting in a decrease of tree production.

This overlap of increased demand and decreased supply is leading to price hikes and becomes a stumbling block to the world be greener.

Seedling offers a solution to address these issues by providing a service that accurately analyzes changing climate conditions and pest information annually, offering corresponding responses to increase tree production.

Seedling Station

Manpower shortage in agriculture and landscaping field is becoming more serious problem caused by aging population and rising labor costs. It means take the right action at the right time with the current workforce is difficult.

The smart farm which focused on protected agricultural facilities only can operate in controlled environment condition. But in Korea sapling nursery farm automized only 4%. For sustainable nature in city, gardens and parks are increased. It means trained management labor and cost are required.

To solve the problems, automated system on farms and management system on gardens and parks will be required.

Tree farm

Establishment/Investment business

Tree farms, cultivating trees for landscaping or timber, yield significantly higher profits compared to cultivate rice or other crops.

Afterain operates a smart farm to directly supply trees where needed and engages in contract farming for those who own land but are unable to cultivate. This not only generates income through tree cultivation but also contributes to stabilizing.

Room 509, 425, Doksanseong-ro,

Osan-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea

Business registration number   850-81-00985

CEO   joonghyun park (LEO)

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Room 509, 425, Doksanseong-ro, Osan-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea      Business registration number  850-81-00985

CEO   joonghyun park (LEO)        Tel   +82 31-831-3906         E-Mail

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